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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dastbande sabze bazikonane team melli!

vaghean mayeye eftekhare!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

دولت دهم دست آمریکا را می فشارد

پس از سالها می نویسم ... شاید به خاطر اینکه جای دیگری ندارم این فایلها را آپلود کنم
دو عکسی که میبینید عینا از نشریه هفتگی خلیج فارس که دز سیدنی چاپ می شود کپی کرده ام. صفحه آخر این نشریه کاملا به تبلیغ برای آقای کروبی اختصاص یافته است. چند سطراز متن را در اینجا می نویسم.
راستی آیا آقای کروبی جرات می کند این شکرها را در تهران ویا بعد از انتخابات بخورد؟
" اولویت بندی سیاسی
ایالات متحده آمریکا
- دیپلماسی نرم به جای دیپلماسی تحاجمی
- مذاکره مستقیم برای حل مسایل دوجانبه و منطقه ای برای از بین بردن نقش کشورهای واسطه با توجه به پیام رییس جمهور آمریکا در نبودن هیچ گونه پیش شرط
- همکاری جهت مبارزه با تروریسم برای استقرار آرامش ئر منطقه و امنیت انرژی
- تعامل ایران و آمریکا در عرصه عراق و افغانستان
- سرمایه گزاری و ایجاد تسهیلات به منظور توسعه روابط در همه زمینه ها
و در نهایت دولیت دهم با توجه به پیام نوروزی اوباما به مردم ایران به او پاسخ مثبت داده و دست او را می فشارد
عذر می خواهم که تمام صفحه در اسکنرم جا نشد.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The most Thrilling thing I've ever done in my life!!!

SLINGSHOT is the name, guys! sure we all have exciting memories of the slingshots we played with in childhood, but this one is different for sure.
you will be thrown into the skies, tolerating 6 Gs, reaching 160 Km/h in less than 2 seconds and when you reach the top you'll be more than 80 meters above the ground!!!! and then bouncing in the sky like a yoyo!!! the worst part is that, there are no tracks or rails what so ever, you are just hanging from a couple of cables all the time! that is all.

Monday, August 07, 2006


Bali is one of Australian's tourist destination. It is in Indonesia and is famous for it's always sunny and moderate temperature, tropical greenery and water sports. There is no need to purchase a visa for Bali, even for Iranians. We weren't there for long but enought to experience some of the water sports; jet ski, snorkling, paragliding, rafting,... but unfortunately didn't take many picutres. may be next time.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Kuala Lumpur,malaysia

These pictures are from 3 months ago, when we went to malaysia, but for some reason we had forgot to upload them on the blog. the first two are obviously the twin towers, the next one is a place called "genting highlands" where you go 20 minutes up this beautiful green hill via the cabins that you can see in the picture and then become amused by finding a gigantic complex, consisting of a big hotel, lots of shops, games, casino and even a theme part with roller coasters and free falls up there. the next three pictures are from the Batu caves, where people climb these 300 stairs and reach the cave up there and worship a god in the form of a statue; and the last picture is a wild monkey, something very common in malaysia and east Asia, living freely among humans.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

world cup is over for IRAN

World cup is unfortunately over for Iran. Accepting this fact is really hard when you're in Iran but for us out here, although still kind of upseting but the fun of watching the games with other iranian and mexican friends was somewhat distracting from the losses. I do really hope that at least Mexico and Australia score!
BUT no doubt that we are still and always proud of IRAN!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

one of the best photos i have taken!

this photo is taken in the children's part of the adelaide zoo. A young man wanted to take a picture from his child; asked him to hold a chicken in his hands and smile! i used the opportunity and took a picture too!
you can see the fake smile on his face and the fear in his eyes! it's really one of the best pictures i've taken! (and i've done nothing to it; no crops or any other alterations!)